What matters to you, matters to us.

Our clients enjoy a highly personalised and bespoke service. We offer business owners and individuals a single point of contact for all of their business, investment and personal insurance needs saving time and effort.

Our partnership style service ensures our clients understand how their risk can first and foremost be mitigated, rather than transferred or avoided. We’re about giving the power back to our clients when it comes to risk management and believe insurance is something that should enable businesses to grow and prosper, rather than become an unavoidable cost on a balance sheet.

Specialising in Discretionary Mutual Funds (DMF’s), corporate insurance, workers compensation and private insurance broking we work closely with all the major Australasian insurers and the global market as a whole.

Discretionary Mutual Fund Management

A Discretionary Mutual Fund (DMF) is a financial vehicle for the management of risk. It is essentially a collaborative fund with business owners that share a common risk profile and are often established by companies or associations with a common business purpose.

It is important to note DMFs are not insurance. A DMF is an alternate insurance risk financing strategy.

For mutuality more than one entity/person is required; these entities /people become members’ of the DMF. DMF members’ contribute funds to create an Aggregate, which is utilised to manage the primary layer of risk. This capital is often reallocated from insurance purchase back to the DMF.

DMFs give ownership of risk back to the client, are tax effective, and are long term risk management propositions. In contrast to traditional insurance, a DMF is constituted from clients funds, is owned by those clients and run for their benefit.

Corporate Insurance Broking Services

Large or small, all businesses have inherent risks, including its physical assets, liabilities or the internal business activities of its people. It’s only when the unexpected happens that the right insurance program becomes critical, allowing your business to continue with minimal disruption and financial impact.

At KJ Risk Group, we partner with business owners and operators to identify all insurable risk. We then tailor an insurance program based on their unique business risk profile. Our goal is to help our clients better manage their risk and retain more control over their insurance needs.

We work closely with all the major Australasian insurers and the global market as a whole.  Our experienced brokers can provide a range of risk advisory services, including:

  • Risk consulting.
  • Comprehensive risk assessment of your current business and industry.
  • Objective review of your existing insurance program.
  • Optimisation of your existing risk management program.
  • Design and implementation of new risk management strategies.

Workers Compensation Consulting

For many businesses Workers’ Compensation premiums are a significant cost, sometimes rivaling the size of their general insurance premiums. Workers’ Compensation is not only a significant cost to businesses, it is complex, as there are different Workers’ Compensation jurisdictions in each state and territory of Australia.

Our in-house team has over 25 years of accumulated experience in Workers’ Compensation across all jurisdictions in Australia. We have a hands-on approach to claims management, stressing the importance of a tripartite relationship between employer, insurer and KJ.

We analyse claims data, drilling down to identify trends and isolating causes. We then feed this information back to our clients to assist improvements in workplace safety. Safer workplaces lead to lower injury rates, lower claims and lower costs.

Private Client Broking Services

We provide private clients with high value assets the gold class in insurance broking services, protecting everything outside their business including their investment portfolio, prestige vehicles and collectables, pleasure craft vessels, household assets and most importantly their family.

We live in uncertain times, major climate events are more common and we own more than ever before. KJ Risk Group offers private clients a single point of contact for every policy coverage whether it is a catastrophic event, a day-to-day loss of a personal item, identify theft or a traumatic event affecting family members.

Highly trusted by our clients we take privacy very seriously and are committed not only to the protection of assets and valuables, but also to all personal information provided to us by our clients. We do this based on our own code of ethics and in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and the Australian Privacy Principles.

We provide our private clients with product offerings such as:

  • Buildings including primary residences, secondary residences and investment properties.
  • Home and contents.
  • Valuable articles.
  • Pleasure craft vessels.
  • Prestige vehicles (for use or collectable).
  • Personal liability.
  • Identify fraud.
  • Family protection.

We can also provide access to services such as:

  • Building appraisals.
  • Documented asset reports.
  • Artwork valuations.
  • Jewellery valuations.